Only NinjaTemplates really does in-house eBay Design

The Existing Industry-Standard of Dishonesty about Outsourcing. Sad! If you’ve Googled “eBay Templates,” you’ve probably seen that every competitor in the business promises they won’t outsource the design, coding and installation of your eBay Design Project. It might (or might not) come as a shock to learn that they all break that promise, except the companies who openly claim they are based in India. This isn’t competitor smack-talk or a “low blow” against the third world. Quite the contrary. This is an absolute reality that these companies definitely don’t want us […]

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Active Content Shall Not Pass

Active Content: If your eBay Listings have it, they’re about to kill your business on June 1, 2017

If you sell on eBay, you know eBay occasionally makes changes that can potentially disrupt your business. If you don’t have a plan of action, these disruptions could really hurt. Big changes are coming to eBay this June, and there’s a good chance they will affect you. This is particularly true if you use a customized eBay Template to create your Listings. It is important that you understand the June 2017 changes to Active Content. More importantly, you need to know what you can do to prepare for these changes before it’s too late. What […]

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Mobile Friendly means fully Mobile-Responsive

If it ain’t Mobile-Responsive, it ain’t Mobile Friendly

If you’ve shopped for an eBay Template, you’ve likely seen Mobile-Responsive (meaning actually Mobile Friendly) designs described as an “optional upgrade.”  If you can’t dump a few grand on that “upgrade,” they almost certainly told you their standard design—the one that is NOT Mobile-Responsive at all, mind you—is still “Mobile Friendly.” There is something important that you—you—you ought to know. If your design isn’t Mobile-Responsive, calling it “Mobile Friendly” is an outright lie.  Let’s label those non-responsive designs fake “Mobile Friendly.”  Why?  Because there’s nothing friendly about an eBay Template […]

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