Complete Professional eBay Design Packages for Less

We offer very simple, top of the line eBay Design Packages. We believe in keeping things uncomplicated and easy to understand and use.

Our eBay Design Packages are comprehensive and cutting edge, for a flat price of $599. This includes custom design and full implementation of your eBay storefront, setup and styling of your support pages, styling of your internal category pages and search results pages, and a fully custom listing page for displaying your items for sale. You’ll be up and running in no time, looking great and selling more products.

What’s Included

Our $599 eBay Design Package includes:

  • Full installation and hosting. No ongoing monthly fees. No surprise hidden charges.
  • A design that is 100% mobile responsive and mobile friendly.
  • Code that is fully eBay compatible, including on the eBay mobile app, and active-content free, following the latest eBay guidelines.
  • Workup of an original design using your brand logo, colors, product photos, and promotion banners – all selectable by you.
  • Up to 2 full review/revision steps of both the storefront and listing page.
  • And our lightning-fast ninja delivery time – most projects are completed, start-to-finish, in under 2 weeks – so you can start selling with your new professional look right away!

Our design process is completely unique in the eBay selling industry, and is quickly becoming famous for its simplicity and effectiveness. Most designs are completed so quickly and effectively, by our expert designer artists, that they can be fully installed faster than most other firms can get you your first mock-up.

Available Extras

We also have a selection of advanced add-on features available, should you wish to upgrade your eBay design package with advanced feature and functionality. This includes proven selling tools such as: plugins for animated sales promotion banners, advanced search and navigation menus to help buyers find the products they are looking for, eye-catching scrolling marquee bars to display your top-selling brands and products, and more. Click here for a complete list of our available eBay plugins and their prices.

And, as always, you can count on our platinum-level customer support. We stand behind our work 100%.