Great eBay Store Designs Get Big Results

A professional eBay Store Design by NinjaTemplates is much more than a pretty face. It is a functional, trust-building brand-center for your entire eBay Selling operation. And with NinjaTemplates, both your Store and Template Designs are included with every eBay Design Package.

Not all Store Designs are created equal, so it is important that we explain the benefits of choosing NinjaTemplates:

  • Mobile Responsiveness. If shoppers can’t view and navigate your eBay Store properly on every device they’re using, you won’t get their business. With 75% of internet traffic in 2017 coming from Mobile Devices, and most shoppers blacklisting unusable websites, the jury is no longer out on this one.
  • Shoppers DO visit your Store Page. Traffic to Listings most commonly comes from searches on eBay or Google. These shoppers regularly check out your Store to see what else you’re selling, and also to evaluate you as a seller. Sellers with a professional, functional eBay Store Design are taken more seriously, bookmarked more often, and trusted more deeply.
  • Your Store Page is your Branding Nexus. A great Store Design is the best way to offer consistent branding across the entirety of the shopping experience. Your Store and Template Designs need to match, giving your shoppers an eCommerce experience in a marketplace setting.
  • Beautiful Featured Banners. Unique to Store Designs, Featured Banners that help shoppers search by Category or Brand are a sure way to narrow down results for shoppers looking for that specific item. Banners featuring your Brands and/or Product Categories are the most natural way to browse a Store, and are only available with custom Store Designs.
  • Breathtaking Animated Banners and Marquees. Only available on the Store Page, Rotating Welcome Banners, Scrolling Brand Marquees, and other professional-grade graphics do more in less space, and build both interest and trust.
  • Promoting Shopper Interaction. Your Store Page is your best opportunity to invite shoppers to bookmark your page, sign up for your eBay Mailing List or Newsletter, and learn more about your business.
  • Highlighting What Makes You Better. Custom Promotional Banners are included with your Store Design, and can tell shoppers why they’re in good hands with you. Satisfaction Guarantees, Shipping Policies, Payment Options, Financing Availability, Business Experience and Feedback Ratings are just some of the ways you can convert buyers looking for that extra something.
  • What You Sell is Obvious. A properly designed Store will immediately communicate to shoppers exactly what it is that you sell, and what your specialties are. This will set you apart from those who let their always-rotating array of Listings do all the talking, and make no statement to help guide shoppers to the products they want to buy.
  • Internal Pages Styling. This is something we take seriously, that even our high-priced competitors ignore. When a shopper makes a search, views a category, or goes to one of your Store Support Pages, those pages are ALL styled to match your Store and Template. This is something that every designer should be doing, but virtually no others do.
  • Stand Out from the Crowd. On the eBay Marketplace, your eBay Store Design and Template are your only opportunity to stand out, get recognized, and be memorable. Branding is more than a Logo, and today’s shoppers respond to unique and compelling websites. Chances are you aren’t the only one selling what you sell. Make sure you are the seller that everyone remembers!

Why Custom eBay Store Designs Sell More Products

A Better Experience

Shopping on your eBay Store should be an enjoyable experience, and should make finding the products they want to buy simple.

Enticing Promotions

A custom eBay Store Design should beautifully feature your products, and promote what makes you the best at what you do.

More Memorable

Millions of people sell on eBay, but there are trusted leaders in each category. Be a clear leader in yours.

Mobile Responsive

With 75% of internet traffic coming from Mobile Devices, your eBay Designs MUST work right on every device.

What’s Included with Every eBay Store Design:

  • Fully Mobile Responsive for every Mobile Device
  • Your eBay Store Logo, Colors & Branding
  • Custom Welcome Banner
  • Custom Featured Banners for Categories & Brands
  • Custom Promotional Banners
  • Dynamic Store Categories Navigation Menu
  • Dynamic Featured Items section you can control
  • Store Pages Navigation Menu (About Us, Policies, etc.)
  • Store Search Box and Newsletter Signup Box/Banner
  • Matching, Styled Category & Search Results pages

What Do You Get From a NinjaTemplates eBay Store Design Package?

Fully Customized Store Design

Your eBay Store Design needs to be unique, and built to your specific needs and desires, to feature your Branding, Colors, and Products. We create only unique, custom Store Designs.

Matching eBay Template

Your eBay Store Design and Template will perfectly match to ensure your branding is consistent, and to showcase your products. Matching Designs are included with every eBay Design Package.

Mobile Friendly & Responsive

Every part of NinjaTemplates eBay Designs are 100% Mobile Responsive, so that your Store and Template are functional and beautiful every phone, tablet, netbook, and any size computer screen.

Advanced Search and Navigation

Set your eBay Store up so that shoppers can search by Brand, Store Category, Size, Color, Automotive Parts Finder, or other customized ways to meet your needs.

Eye-Catching Promotions

Your eBay Store is a sales website. Promote your products with beautiful promotions, including Custom Promotional Banners, and attractive optional eBay Plugins to bring your products to life.

Free Installation, Hosting & Support

Installation of your Designs to eBay and your Listing Service is included, as well as the indefinite Hosting of your design files at no cost. Truly-Expert Support is always available, and prompt.

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