Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does NinjaTemplates do?

A: NinjaTemplates designs and creates Mobile Responsive eBay Store and Template Designs for smarter eBay Sellers.

We deliver top-level eBay Stores and Listing Templates in far less time, and for less money, using a very simple process.

Q: What is a “Mobile Responsive Design,” and why do I need one?

A: A Mobile Responsive Design displays and functions correctly no matter what device or screen-size your customers use to shop on your eBay Store.  Whether folks shop at your eBay Store on a smartphone, a tablet or netbook, or on a full-sized desktop computer with a large screen, your design and its functionality will scale to match each device perfectly.

If your eBay Store Design isn’t Mobile Responsive, it will only work and look right on a desktop computer.

Since more than 40% of all eBay shopping is now done from smartphones and tablets, paying for an outdated eBay Design that those shoppers can’t use is unwise, and turns away shoppers.

Q: Does NinjaTemplates create Mobile Responsive eBay Store Designs?

A: NinjaTemplates ONLY creates Mobile Responsive eBay Store and Template Designs.  Every eBay Design we create uses only the very best we have to offer.  It is our policy to roll out the red carpet for each and every client, each and every time.

NinjaTemplates is not in the business of offering inferior packages which aren’t Mobile Responsive, lack functionality, or rely on outdated designs and coding.  Giving you anything but our best work, effort and creativity would bring us profound shame.

NinjaTemplates offers a comprehensive eBay Design Package that includes everything you need to increase sales and cut through your competition.

We only create the very best eBay Store Designs, and we do it really, really quickly.

Q: How can NinjaTemplates be exponentially faster at delivering custom eBay Stores than traditional design firms? Do you use some form of time travel?

A: NinjaTemplates was created upon our conviction that eBay Sellers deserve a much more straightforward, streamlined and simple system to rely upon when it comes to designing, revising, and launching top-level eBay Stores.

NinjaTemplates is not a traditional design firm with a broad focus which takes on any job and outsources the labor accordingly, pocketing the difference.  We do one thing and we do it better than anybody else.  We do eBay Store and Template Designs.  We do them ourselves.  You are counting on us, and it is against our ninja philosophy to disappoint.

If you’ve ever created an eBay Store Design with one of those traditional design firms in the past, we’re going to blow your expectations away.  That’s why we started NinjaTemplates, and the overwhelming satisfaction of our customers is what motivates us to pursue efficiency without mercy or apology.

Q: Do you offer in-house hosting?

A: Yes. Lifetime hosting for your active eBay Store is included at no extra cost with your design package price.  No monthly charges.  No complications.  No security risks.  No additional cooks in the kitchen.  No kidding.

Q: Does NinjaTemplates fully comply with the 2017 eBay Active Content rules?

A: Absolutely. 100%.  We keep current, and as with everything that NinjaTemplates does, we only create eBay Designs that fully and completely comply with all officially announced changes to eBay.  Ninjas are always prepared for what’s coming.

Q: What if I need help or advice along the way? Do you offer consultation to clients?

A: Our system is designed to be as easy to use as possible, and we are always using feedback from our clients to pursue continuous improvements.  However, we do happen to be experts, and we happen to love helping our clients.

If you need or desire assistance during any stage of the process, we are happy to provide consultation to all of our clients.  Of course, any consultation rendered during the design and revision process is included in the cost of your design package.  We’re more than happy to help!

Q: How can NinjaTemplates do such masterful work yet still cost far less than traditional design firms?

A: NinjaTemplates consists of only veteran experts of the eBay Store Design industry.  We do all the work personally, so we can ensure unparalleled quality and workmanship for every client, every time.

We’re lightning fast with both designing and programming, so we get a lot more done in a lot less time.  You wouldn’t believe how much time the competition wastes saving a few bucks by outsourcing a minor design tweak or coding adjustment to the third world.  It would make your blood boil to see how little is actually spent by design firms in the creation of your eBay Store, especially after you pay them top dollar to have it done the right way.

In addition, the NinjaTemplates system streamlines the process of bringing your eBay Store to life.  There is no simpler or more straightforward way to create your amazing new eBay Store in less time for less money.

To make a long answer short: we do it ourselves, we do it quickly, and we rely on the most efficient system ever conceived to do it better.

Q: Is NinjaTemplates the right choice for me?

A: Nobody else delivers top-quality eBay Stores for less money, or as quickly, as NinjaTemplates does.


If your goal is to launch or redesign an incredibly professional, customized, Mobile Responsive eBay Store in less time for less money, NinjaTemplates looks forward to showing you just how simple, straightforward and quick creating your eBay Designs can be!

With NinjaTemplates in your corner, you’ll cut through the competition.

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