Mobile Friendly means fully Mobile-Responsive

If it ain’t Mobile-Responsive, it ain’t Mobile Friendly

If you’ve shopped for an eBay Template, you’ve likely seen Mobile-Responsive (meaning actually Mobile Friendly) designs described as an “optional upgrade.”  If you can’t dump a few grand on that “upgrade,” they almost certainly told you their standard design—the one that is NOT Mobile-Responsive at all, mind you—is still “Mobile Friendly.”

There is something important that you—you—you ought to know.

If your design isn’t Mobile-Responsive, calling it “Mobile Friendly” is an outright lie.  Let’s label those non-responsive designs fake “Mobile Friendly.”  Why?  Because there’s nothing friendly about an eBay Template or Store you need a jeweler’s loupe to browse on your phone.  Trust Nick.  His eyes are all hurty.

Mobile Friendly eBay Templates are Mobile-Responsive eBay Templates

An eBay Template that is not actually Mobile Friendly (meaning fully Mobile-Responsive) will hurt your business.  It is better not to have a custom eBay Template at all.  Sounds crazy, right?  How could something, be worse than nothing at all?

Let’s look at some current facts to find out more: [read the full source article here]

  • In 2017, 75% of internet use will be mobile
    • [Source: Reuters citing a Zenith report, 2016]
  • Global, mobile wallet spend is projected to rise to $1.35 trillion in 2017; an increase of 32% over 2016
    • [ATM Marketplace citing a Juniper Research, 2017]
  • 61% of Google users are unlikely to return to a website if they had difficulty accessing it on a mobile device, and 40% will go visit your competition instead
    • [Source: McKinsey & Company, 2014]
  • As it stands, around 80% of mobile users have performed shopping-related activities on their devices
    • [Source: Social Media Today, 2014]
  • Back in 2015, 35.1% of all website traffic worldwide came from mobile phones
    • [Source: Statista]
  • Last year in 2016, that same statistic climbed to 43.6%
    • [Source: Statista]
  • This year, in 2017, actual Mobile Friendly became an absolute necessity for any serious website
    • [Source: All Existing Evidence]

If the facts aren’t enough to convince you to let go of that obsolete design, load and preview your own eBay Store and a Live Listing URL on your mobile phone (or by using this official Google tool) and hold on tight to your jeweler’s loupe.  Perhaps Nick is just going to grab the stylus from his ancient PDA?  Nope.  You just lost Nick to your competition, and you lost him forever.

It is important that you don’t misunderstand me.  A custom eBay Template and Store design is an incredibly helpful tool for sellers like you, and has been proven to increase sales, promote repeat buys, and boost buyer confidence.  Plus it looks awesome, and speaks of you as a savvy, modern merchant.  But only if your eBay Template and Store Design scale to appear and function correctly on mobile devices.

This is an eBay Template sold as “Mobile Friendly” by a popular design firm.
This eBay Template alone was more expensive than our all-inclusive design package, by the way.
This is what fake “Mobile Friendly” looks like.  Buyers can’t shop here without a magnifying glass and tiny fingers.

fake Mobile Friendly eBay Templates don't work on mobile devices

This is an eBay Template we created for the same seller that is actually Mobile Friendly (meaning fully Mobile-Responsive)
This is a handsome eBay Template that works on every device, and attracts shoppers.   Welcome to 2017.

Mobile Friendly eBay Templates attract shoppers and function correctly on mobile devicesMobile Friendly eBay Templates attract shoppers and function correctly on mobile devicesMobile Friendly eBay Templates attract shoppers and function correctly on mobile devices

eBay Template designers know the importance of actual Mobile Friendly best of all, because we see the results firsthand, hear the feedback directly, and follow the data closely.  The problem is: most design firms follow the data coming from their balance sheets.  They ought to be following the data that best promotes their clients’ interests, like we do.  They don’t.

Outdated eBay Templates that are fake “Mobile Friendly” are outsourced easily and regularly overseas to amateurs, while a good, actual Mobile Friendly design requires professional programming and design experts. Experts they won’t find at the budget-end of their Upwork bidder list.  They would rather get your business than serve your interests.

We don’t do that.  We only do actual Mobile Friendly.  Fully Mobile-Responsive designs.  Anyone who sells you an eBay Template that is only fake “Mobile Friendly” might as well be stealing from you.  You’re better off without any design at all.  Buyers put up with ugly or plain, sometimes.  They’ll rarely, if ever, put up with non-responsive.  Not in 2017.