eBay Template by NinjaTemplates

Why hire NinjaTemplates to design my eBay Template & Store?

When you decide to improve your eBay Template & Store Design, you’ll find that the first step is most important.  This is where you decide who you will trust with both your money and reputation.  It is a key area where your growth on eBay can get a boost, or where you can spend a few thousand bucks and get nothing for it.

Here are questions an informed seller should ask before paying for an eBay Template:

  1. Who understands exactly what I need?
  2. What company does the highest-quality work at the best price?
  3. Which designers use the simplest and best process to get the job done better in far less time?

We respect your time as money.  Let me briefly explain what makes NinjaTemplates different from other “first steps” you could take, and let you decide what’s best for your eBay business.


NinjaTemplates understands eBay from the seller perspective.  Your perspective.  Our relationship with eBay began 14 years ago as eBay Powersellers.  Long have we walked in your shoes.  We grew our business amid the challenges of globalization.  We thrived during big eBay changes because we kept ahead of them.  Being veteran programmers, we designed and created our own eBay Template because we knew we could do a better job than any design firm.  We were right.  We recently sold our own eBay Store for a very handsome profit.

Fast forward to today.  We created NinjaTemplates because we know what professional eBay Sellers really need.  That wisdom allows us to bridge the gap between designers and sellers with real experience, not empty promises.  As a result, we provide relevant, expert advice on design and function that gets results.  If you have a question, we’ll give you the real answer.


We only do high-quality work.  Mobile Friendly (meaning fully Mobile-Responsive, and not some other fake meaning) is not optional with us.  We only do Mobile Friendly.  Outdated designs hurt your business more than using no design at all.  We don’t offer inferior eBay Templates to attract clients.  They won’t help you, and we refuse to create them.

We do 100% of our work personally, here in the USA.  Literally every other company outsources your design and programming overseas to increase profits.  There’s no accountability, no consistency, and you usually end up with junk.  Our prices are excellent because we are efficient and professional, not because we rip you off.  We even include secure hosting without any monthly charges, because we value both your security and your business.


We are really proud about this part.  The NinjaTemplates process is the most simple and convenient ever conceived for designing custom eBay Templates.  We turn out your store—from payment to installation, including 2 comprehensive revisions to your eBay Template & eBay Store Template—in just 1 or 2 weeks from start to finish.  With the competition, you’ll spend 2 to 3 painful months losing your excitement and your patience.  We don’t outsource, and we speak fluent English, so you’ll never be misunderstood.  Our small team discusses every project together in depth, so nothing is ever lost in translation.

Stronger, Better, Faster Templates

If you want to improve the performance and appearance of your eBay Template and Store with these values in mind, visit us at NinjaTemplates.com.  Check us out, fill out the contact form, or send me an email at ninjatemplates@gmail.com.  I look forward to answering your inquiry personally, honestly and quickly.  We look forward to meeting your new expectations for eBay Template designers.  We live for the challenge, and can’t wait to help you cut through the competition!