Only NinjaTemplates really does in-house eBay Design

The Existing Industry-Standard of Dishonesty about Outsourcing. Sad!

If you’ve Googled “eBay Templates,” you’ve probably seen that every competitor in the business promises they won’t outsource the design, coding and installation of your eBay Design Project. It might (or might not) come as a shock to learn that they all break that promise, except the companies who openly claim they are based in India.

This isn’t competitor smack-talk or a “low blow” against the third world. Quite the contrary. This is an absolute reality that these companies definitely don’t want us explaining to you. We are here to help eBay Sellers like you. You need to know the truth before paying too much for an inferior and misrepresented service.

While there is nothing wrong with electing to go with a freelance, “budget” option for your eBay Designs, we do take great exception when companies pay to distribute dishonest advertisements in an attempt to deceive eBay Sellers looking for a quality product and service by real, expert professionals in the USA.

Go ahead and Google “eBay Templates” right now and read the ads that display on the top and bottom of page one search results. “No Outsourcing” and “Never Outsourced” are featured lies from our competitors’ ads.

They both rely heavily on design and coding work from India, but lie to your face about that fact. The truth is that the only native English speakers at these companies who live in the USA are cashing your checks and answering the phones.

In the case of the former, I can back my assertion up with irrefutable, humiliating proof—but I’ll save her the embarrassment that the screenshots would cause. In the case of the latter, they answer the phone in the UK, but do all of the work in India. If you don’t believe me, read their websites, literature and communications. Ask them point blank and see if their responses can convince you.

Advantages of NinjaTemplates not outsourcing your job

Because we handle every detail of your eBay Design Project ourselves, there are no delays. We don’t send out each part of the job and wait for an unknown product to come back from the third world.

We are always available during business hours (and often much later), and you’re always talking to the people actually doing the work. Our jobs take 1 to 2 weeks to complete. The competition takes anywhere from 2 to 6 months to deliver a substantially lesser product (although it may seem more like an eternity).

We also get things right the first time more often, because we know what eBay Sellers need, and we are fully accountable for the work we present to you.

We are heavily invested in our business, and stand behind every single thing that we do. We are bound to our commitment to you by both our uncompromising honor and the deep sense of pride that we take in our work.

The consistency and standardization of NinjaTemplates’ work is also incredibly important to our clients. Where there is outsourcing, there is a chaotic ocean of amateurs doing a hundred things in a thousand different ways.

Your designer with the competition might be here today but then gone tomorrow.

Our permanent, full-time staff creates your eBay Designs using incredibly clean code in a standardized way, so that no matter what, you’re always going to get the same, cutting-edge, expert workmanship that everybody else gets with customized designs by NinjaTemplates. There are no exceptions to this, because the same people see every single job from start to finish.

Nothing is lost in translation. Everyone at NinjaTemplates lives in the USA, and speaks and writes in fluent English. We take complex matters and explain them in a way that any eBay Seller can understand.

You can also take comfort in the ever-present fact that we treat our employees with an enormous degree of respect, and pay them a living wage, including full benefits. I can’t imagine the same can be said of our competitors as they outsource your project; paying pennies on the dollar to people forced to work under unacceptable conditions.

Why do other designers outsource?

They can’t afford to pay living wages to citizens of the USA to do the work, and so they simply don’t. The processes and methods they use to collect your information and create your design are archaic, inefficient, ad-hoc and crude. It is a byproduct of the endlessly-revolving door of relying on Upwork and Fiverr for labor. It is impossible to follow a standard when you employ a transient workforce.

They also strive to maximize profits by charging you a fortune, paying contractors as little as possible to do the actual work, and pocketing the difference. You deserve and are paying for an honest relationship with your designer, and they aren’t giving it to you, starting from the moment you click on their deceptive Google ads, and ending when you part ways in disappointment.

There is also a massive lack of talent when it comes to the niche of eBay Design. Even if competitors could afford to hire locally (they can’t), and even if they were willing to make only a reasonable profit instead of ripping you off (they aren’t), they simply can’t find experts that know eBay as intimately as we know eBay.

Can I afford “Made in the USA?”

Frankly, you can’t afford not to have your eBay Design created in the USA.

I’ve seen our competitors selling “Mobile Friendly” designs that aren’t Mobile Responsive and look terrible on phones and tablets. It breaks my heart.

I’ve cringed as they sold you plugins loaded with Active Content long after they knew they were going to be blocked, because they wanted to up-sell you, then charge you later for “Active Content Removal.”  It makes me furious.

I’ve watched them take 6 months to deliver jobs that should have been delivered in 6 days. It drives us to deliver better designs for our clients on-time.

I’ve listened with sympathy to the horror stories from our clients about their previous experience with eBay Designers where they were forced to settle for poor designs that didn’t meet their needs because the process took too long, and nobody could understand their needs, but at some point they needed to pull the plug. It is why we created NinjaTemplates.

Our design package costs $599, not because we outsource, but because we are incredibly efficient experts at what we do. Our process is streamlined. We don’t rip you off. We do what we say we’re going to do, and never up-sell features that you don’t want or that you can’t use.

If trust and results are important to you, NinjaTemplates is the clear choice for your eBay Design needs. We’re proud to do all of our work in the USA, and we’re proud to treat both our clients and our workers with respect, honesty, and integrity. Anything less is unacceptable.