Critical eBay Seller Resources

Tools for eBay Sellers

  • AutomaticSeller is a free 3rd-party marketing tool that can help you increase your sales on eBay.

Blogs on eBay eCommerce Selling

  • eCommerce Insights is a regularly-updated blog run by a popular eBay & eCommerce Listing Service called ecomdash.
  • Tamebay is an excellent source for intelligence & news for all businesses and business-people who ply their trade in online marketplaces.
    • eBay News is the subsection of Tamebay focused solely on eBay Selling.

Articles of Interest on eBay Selling

Community Forums on eBay Selling

  • Virtual Seller’s Club is a social and fun community where eBay Sellers meet and discuss everything from technical eBay questions to more light-hearted topics.
    • VSC is a forum and requires registration.  Join the group and become a part of the community today!