Your Custom Design Hosting Account Information

Below are our most frequently asked questions about the hosting provided with your eBay design package. If you have additional questions not answered below, please feel free to contact us.

Q: How much is your hosting?

A: Here at NinjaTemplates, our goal is to make your design project as simple, fast, fun, and affordable as possible. To that end, we provide free hosting for the design files of all our clients. Yep, you read that correctly – absolutely free.

We do the setup, hosting, and full installation for you. At no charge.

Our competitors charge monthly service fees ranging from $3.95 up to $35 per month for this service. But we like to do things better around here. And nobody likes an unnecessary ongoing monthly expense.

The hosting we provide is secure, dedicated, and includes regular backups of all your important design files.

Q: What is the hosting account for?

A: eBay does not provide anywhere to host and manage the files that are essential to your custom eBay store and eBay listing template design – this includes the graphics images, stylesheets, and other scripts that make up your design files.

Therefore, it is up to each individual seller to host their own design files. While you could purchase a domain and a hosting account through a third party provider, or pay another eBay design service a monthly fee, we feel it is our job as part of our contracted design process with you to provide you with this required hosting as part of our installation service.

Q: Does the free hosting account include space for me to host my product images and/or product data?

A: Our free hosting account is only for your design-related files. You will want to host and manage your product photos separately. Many sellers simply upload their product photos directly to eBay. Other sellers use a free service, such as, or a paid service, such as to manage and host their inventory product photos. If you use a third party listing tool, such as Auctiva, Inkfrog, or SellerCloud for example, image hosting is generally included in your monthly subscription with them.

Q: Can I self-host my design files on my own server?

A: Currently we do not offer self-hosted designs; all design files are installed onto the NinjaTemplates hosting account.