— Contract Terms of Sale & Services

This document serves as the Terms of Sale & Services rendered by, hereafter referenced as “NT,” at the behest of the contracting agent, or “Client”.

As a Client, your confirmed payment for the services which you have now contracted NT to render indicate your agreement to abide by all specified terms and conditions, chief among which is the responsibility to fully read and comprehend this document, which shall detail all the rights and responsibilities of our Clients, shall include support for our Clients, and will enumerate what is and what is not included with your purchase of our services.

Our process consists of a self-contained set of forms which are completed by the Client: A, B, C and D. That’s it! Of course, as experts and veterans of creating thousands of successful eBay Stores, we also offer timely and experienced consultations regarding any step of the process where you need or would like council.

If you have questions about any aspect of creating your eBay Store, we have the answers to those questions. — Contract Terms of Sale & Services


A. FORM A — “My eBay Store Design”

1. Overview of FORM A:

The first step in the process of creating your eBay Store is completing FORM A –“My eBay Store Design.”

By completing this document, you will have given NT everything that is required to fully design and create your eBay Store. This first step is an all-inclusive, comprehensive survey that tells us who you are, what your business needs are, and how you want to customize your eBay Store to meet your specific needs and desires. You will also be required to pay a deposit at this point, which will immediately authorize NT to begin creating your eBay Store within 1-2 business days.

2. Included and Required:

Your package includes the complete design and creation of your eBay Store, according to the design choices you have made and the information you have provided. The following is a list of what is included with your purchase.

  • General Design Elements
    • Selection of a Fully-Responsive Layout Design
    • Font Choice (from Google Webfonts)
    • Text Content
    • Welcome Banner
    • Promotional Banners
    • Backgrounds
    • Color-Scheme Customization
  • eBay Store Components
    • Store Header
      • Client Logo Incorporation – graphic file containing desired logo must be provided by Client in an accepted format if inclusion of a graphical logo is desired and applicable. Simple, text-only logos created by NT are an available complementary alternative for Clients who do not have or do not wish to include a graphical logo.
      • Store Navigation Menu – basic store pages’ navigation incorporated into the header as directed by Client.
      • Store Search Box – a basic search box for customers to use to search your eBay Store.
      • Optional Promotional Text/Graphics – as indicated during the design process and in compliance with eBay regulations.
    • Store Footer
      • Store Navigation Menu – basic store pages’ navigation menu incorporated into the footer to match the header navigation menu bar.
      • Copyright protection line – including seller name, link to storefront, and incorporation date.
      • Copyright line also to include NinjaTemplates’ 3rd party design credit link as permitted by eBay, no exceptions.
    • Store Navigation Sidebar
      • Categories Navigation Menu – Standard categories menu which will act as the primary category-selector for your eBay Store
      • Optional Store Newsletter Signup Box – in compliance with eBay’s mailing list regulations.
      • Optional Promotional Text/Graphics – as indicated during the design process and in compliance with eBay regulations.
    • Store Homepage Custom Content
      • Promotion Banners – to include main welcome/hero banner, with contents as specified by the Client, up to 10 maximum featured category banners, and other promotional text/graphics as indicated during the design process and in compliance with eBay regulations.
      • Auto-populating plugin for featured products / best sellers, which may be set to populate randomly from the seller’s current active eBay listings or may include filters to select items by sort order, keyword(s), or item number(s).
    • Add-On Options
      • Functionality and design elements which match the optional add-ons a Client has purchased in addition to the base-package price.
  • eBay Listing Template Components
    • Included With Listing Templates
      • “Framework” functionality and design elements which match seamlessly with your eBay Store Design, including matching header, footer, sidebar navigation, backgrounds, as well as global fonts and color settings.
      • Click-to-Enlarge Image Gallery to display your product photos.
      • Pre-Styled Product Content Fields, including product title, description field, and any item specifications bullets or tables where requested.
      • Seller Terms of Sale global fields, as specified by the Client during the design process.
      • Optional Promotional Text/Graphics – as indicated during the design process and in compliance with eBay regulations.
    • Add-On Options
      • Functionality and design elements which match the optional add-ons a Client has purchased in addition to the base-package price.
    • Usage: Third-Party Listing Services
      • NT suggests Third-Party Listing Services that Clients may contract (separately and independently) which are compatible with NT-Client eBay Stores HERE.
      • If a Client does not contract a Third-Party Listing Service to manage eBay Store Listings, that Client will be responsible for using the NT-Provided Listing Template to do so themselves (see below for details).
    • Usage: NT-Provided Listing Template
      • About Listing Template – If Clients do not opt to use a third-party listing service, NT will provide a Listing Template for our Clients to use to manually manage the listings on their eBay Stores. Documentation detailing how to use said Listing Template is available HERE.
  • eBay Store Hosting Requirements
    • All hosting is provided in-house by NinjaTemplates, and is included in your package price.
    • No external or third-party hosting solutions are permitted for eBay Store Design files (graphics and scripts files which make up your design).
    • Clients are responsible for hosting all of their own photos and videos related to their selling products.
3. Add-on Options Available at Additional Costs:

While our standard package is complete without add-ons, we do understand that some Clients may desire to make selections from our list of available, additional elements which will increase the price, functionality and appeal of their designs. The following elements are available for purchase at an additional cost above the base-cost of the project, and the decision to include any or all of these elements is at the sole discretion of the Client.

  • Advanced Navigation Menus
  • Dropdown Select Menus
  • Scrolling Marquee Bars
  • Daily Deal Widget
  • Customized eBay Store Sub-pages (created using Client-provided content)
    • About Us
    • Store Policies / Terms of Sale
    • Guarantee / Warranty Information
    • FAQs
    • Return Policy and Procedure
    • Size / Color Charts
    • Product or Brand Information

B. FORM B — “My eBay Store Design”

1. Overview of FORM B

FORM B is the First Design Revision; 1 of 2 available revision rounds. FORM B, the First Design Revision, is generally a required revision unless you wish to accept our first draft of the eBay Store which NT has created for you. We do not advise any Client to accept their eBay Store without taking full advantage of FORM B as a way of bridging the gap between Client intentions and our educated and informed understanding of those intentions.

C. FORM C — “My eBay Store Design Review”

1. Overview of FORM C

FORM C is the Last Design Revision; 2 of 2 available revision rounds. FORM C is final opportunity which Clients may take advantage of in order to correct any remaining elements, of any kind, which are still unsatisfactory to the Client after NT has completed all changes indicated by the Client through the answers that Client provided through the completion of FORM B, after careful inspection of the aforementioned Revised eBay Store Design delivered to the Client. If a Client waives the right to inspect a Revised eBay Store Design, that Client also waives the right to make changes at a later date without incurring all associated costs of services.

D. FORM D — “Final Approval and Checkout”

1. Overview of FORM D
  • This form completes a Client’s transaction with NT. This is where the Client provides eBay Login Information and where the Client pays for the installation and hosting of their eBay Store. No store will be installed prior to NT receiving payment in full for all services rendered.
  • Final approval and payment. Clients must submit a final approval of their eBay Store Designs concurrent with making all payments required to cover all remaining balances, and to establish a hosting subscription.
  • Installation of eBay store. Once we have received a Client’s Final Approval and Payment, and have verified that the login information we have received from that Client gives us the required access to eBay Accounts and Listing Services, NT will install the eBay Store and verify that the installation is a success. NT stands firmly behind its eBay Stores, so a quality product is guaranteed.

E. FORM E — “Post-Installation Review and Sign-Off”

1. Overview of FORM E

FORM E is your review and approval of the installation process of your designs. FORM E is the Clients’ opportunity to review all features and functionalities of the installed designs, and submit any changes or final approval.

  • Requested Changes that are Installation Errors will be completed promptly and at no charge to the Client. This includes any typo errors in the text sections or menus, any design elements installed that do not match the final-approved mock-ups, any broken links or non-functional elements such as store search bars or dynamic featured items that are not performing as intended.
  • Requested Changes to the Final-Approved Designs will be completed at a per-item charge based on the revision time required. This includes any changes to the final-approved graphics, fonts, colors, general layout or functionality, as well as adding new features/functions or removing existing features/functions.
2. Participation & Time Frame

While FORM E is optional and not required, it is the Client’s only opportunity to request adjustments to their installed designs that may not incur any adjustment charges. This FORM must be completed within 7 calendar days (5 business days) of delivery of the completed designs’ installation. ANY changes requested subsequent to this 7-day review/revision period WILL incur a reasonable per-item adjustment charge, regardless of the original cause of the related issue.

F. FORM F — “NinjaTemplates Feedback Form”

1. Overview of FORM F

FORM F is strictly optional and is our request for your feedback on your business transaction with us. We take your input extremely seriously and would love to hear from you on what types of services and processes would make your design process experience, as well as your eBay selling experience, more enjoyable and successful. Please consider sharing your highly valuable input with us.


1. Payment Policy

a. Package Price: Payment for the full design package price is due upfront for all new projects. Because we have a streamlined design process, and will be submitting fully functional designs within just a few days of receipt of Form A response from the Client, we do not accept partial payments or deliver any work until payment is made in full.

b. Add-Ons Price: Optional design add-on features may be selected during or after the design process has started, during completion of any of the FORMS A through E. Payment for any selected add-ons is due at the time they are requested, and a separate invoice will be sent to the Client’s email address accordingly. Once payment is received in full, the add-ons work will be completed and installed as ordered.

c. Payment Method: Payments are made securely through PayPal. PayPal Checkout allows the Client to use any major credit card, bank account, or personal or business PayPal account to submit payment securely and instantly.

2. Delivery Policy

a. Delivery Timeframes: We at NinjaTemplates pride ourselves on detailed attention and rapid turnaround times. Once FORM A responses are received from the Client, the project is started immediately. The initial mock-ups will be provided within 7 calendar days (5 business days) or less. Subsequent feedback and revision requests that are received via FORM B, FORM C, and FORM E will also be completed within 5 business days or less. Should any information be missing or other circumstances require additional time to complete, the Client will be notified in writing by email and kept up-to-date on the status and expected completion time.

b. Installation Timeframe: Once FORM D is successfully completed with the Client’s final approval on all mock-ups, confirmed working account logins, and all final balances due are paid in full, the final installation is scheduled. Delivery of the designs into the Client’s account/possession is 7 calendar days (5 business days) or less from the date of schedule. Any delays due to non-working account logins, inactive accounts, or other incomplete information are the responsibility of the Client and will affect the start of the delivery schedule.

c. Post-Installation Review Timeframe: Once installation of the designs is completed in full, the Client will be notified in writing and provided with FORM E — “Post-Installation Review and Sign-Off”. The Client is required to complete this form within 7 calendar days (5 business days) of receipt. Any installation errors on the part of NinjaTemplates that are noted in the FORM E submission will be corrected at no charge within 5 calendar days (3 business days) or less. Any post-installation change requests that do not constitute an installation error (see Section: “Overview of FORM E” above for details) will be scheduled in and completed within the next available timeframe, depending on availability of NinjaTemplates’ staff and complexity of change requests. Post-installation change requests that do not constitute an installation error are billable at a per-item rate and will not be delivered until payment is received in full.

3. Guarantee Policy

NinjaTemplates guarantees the quality of our work, the inclusion of all standard features, graphics, and functions as detailed in Section A: “Included and Required” above, and adherence to delivery and completion timeframes listed in section “Delivery Policy” above. Should either NinjaTemplates or the Client feel that the eBay design package and/or process is not a good fit, the transaction may be discontinued immediately by notification in writing and a refund of payment will be provided, less the value of any work hours already logged toward the completion of the package purchased.

Refunds will be made via PayPal and automatically submitted back to the Client via the original payment method used.

No refunds will be provided for work that has been completed and delivered to the Client. No exceptions will be made.


1. Design Copyright

Intellectual Property Copyright of all original designs, graphics, and related scripts developed by NinjaTemplates remain the property of NinjaTemplates at all times. Design files are required to be hosted on NinjaTemplates’ secured hosting account, at NT’s expense, and are used by the Client with express permission for the site/account contracted exclusively.

NinjaTemplates exclusive designs (including graphics, banners, color schemes, layouts) and back-end scripts (including CSS, HTML, JS, PHP, XML, and any related plugins) used in the creation of the Client’s eBay store, eBay listing template, and any related promotional materials, may not be duplicated, in part or whole, under any circumstances, without written permission and financial compensation.

All NinjaTemplates installed designs are required to include our eBay-approved third-party credit link, text, and icon within the site’s footer copyright line. No exceptions will be made.

2. Content Copyright

Intellectual Property Copyright of all Client-provided content remains with the Client at all times. This includes product photos, product descriptions, Client-developed text used throughout the storefront and listings on terms of sale and support pages, etc. The Client also retains full property rights to the Store Logo, including original Logos designed by NinjaTemplates. The Client may reuse, modify, and duplicate the Store Logo as desired without limitation, as permitted by law.


NinjaTemplates has a long-standing professional working relationship with, and extensive experience in, eBay Stores and eBay Listings. We work with and are recommended by the Head of eBay Stores and many eBay Account Reps and Platinum-Level Sellers. Out of respect for our professional partnership, as well as care and protection for our valued Clients, we adhere to all eBay listing policies and requirements. This includes both the visual content of all NT designs created and installed as well as the back-end programming and optimization provided. Should a Client request a feature or functionality that violates eBay policy, NT will notify the Client in writing and exclude the request from all mock-ups and installations delivered. This protects you, the Client, from having your listings flagged by eBay, demoted from buyer searches, or pulled/cancelled at the Client’s expense. No exceptions will be made.


All NinjaTemplates’ developed design files, including graphics and scripts, will be hosted by NinjaTemplates. Currently, hosting is provided at NT’s expense. Hosting of the design files is guaranteed for the life of NinjaTemplates; should either NT or the Client’s business be terminated, hosting will no longer be provided. Any violation of the above policies by the Client will also void the free hosting service.

NinjaTemplates will provide for all hosted clients a reasonable level of security and maintenance, including regular automated back-ups, secured/locked accessibility, anti-virus and anti-malware protection services, and 24/7 monitoring of the server performance. Any required updates or restorations will be performed by NinjaTemplates at our expense.

The hosting service is not guaranteed and is subject to change at any future date; any such changes will be indicated in writing to the Client.


Protection of the Client’s private personal and business information is of utmost importance to NinjaTemplates. Client’s provided personal information, including contact name(s), telephone number(s), email address(es), mailing address(es), other contact information, payment information, and any other information provided during the transaction will be kept strictly confidential and will only be used for successful completion of the business transaction and related communications. We will never sell or share the Client’s information outside of the NT company.

Any account accessibility/logins information requested by NT will be done through SSL secured forms (as indicated by https:// browser link status) and never transmitted via unsecured methods.

Any NT staff member performing installation work, SEO work, adjustment work, or other contracted work within a Client’s personal or business accounts will do so only from a secured private network, never over WiFi or other publicly accessible method. All logins provided are immediately recorded into a secured, encrypted keystroke-free password protection service for the Client’s protection. Password Encryption programs, Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware programs are installed, activated, and kept up-to-date on all NT staff members’ computers, at the expense of NT, for the protection of our Clients and their valuable account information.

Should a Client be unable to provide account access to NT for the purposes of completing design installation work or other contracted services, in some cases a TeamViewer session may be scheduled for completion of said work. Please note that limited/no account accessibility may delay the standard promised installation timeframe, as detailed above in Section “Delivery Policy — Installation Timeframe”.