The NinjaTemplates Team

Doing What We Love, For You

NinjaTemplates designs fully Mobile Responsive, custom eBay Templates and Store Designs for professional eBay Sellers.

Our team creates, revises and installs your eBay Designs using a streamlined process that brings your new Store and Listing Template to life in just 1 to 2 weeks.

We create the very best eBay Templates and Store Designs for less money, in far less time, using the simplest, most effective process available. We create and revise your design together — interactively — to ensure you get exactly the appearance and functionalities you want and need.

With NinjaTemplates, you’ll be up and running, making sales and growing your brand. Your competition, meanwhile, will be in design-limbo, months away from a finished design. They’ll be losing business to you because they went with an unqualified budget option, or spent too much elsewhere.

NinjaTemplates was created by veteran industry professionals, experienced in both Selling and Design, who decided that eBay Sellers like you deserve better than the current “industry standard.”

Our process is simple, easy-to-understand, and delivers real results FAST.

Meet the Ninjas

NinjaTemplates was founded by two expert veterans of the eBay Store industry. We are Certified eBay Designers, and have each been in computer design, programming and eCommerce for twenty years. Our mission when we began NinjaTemplates was simple: streamline the process of creating a fully-responsive, custom eBay Description Templates design package, using the latest and cleanest programming, and deliver the best product available in less time than any competitor. We offer our specialized wisdom and ninja-like efficiency to eBay Sellers so that they can spring quickly into action and cut through the competition.

Augustus Traum is an expert in sales, marketing, and SEO, with specializations in entrepreneurship, social media, and developing business partnerships. He attended the Rochester Institute of Technology in New York with a major in New Media. He and his marketing strategies have been featured in local and national media and he has been instrumental in helping businesses win prestigous national awards for their image, community involvement, and entrepreneural innovations.

Augustus cooks a mean Chicago-style steak, likes people who can make him laugh, and will probably talk your ear off if you call the office. One day he plans to write a novel.

Jenna Marie Maciel has been doing graphic art since she was chosen to design the annual musical programs and posters in high school. She has a master’s degree in business with a minor in marketing, and is an expert in Photoshop, Illustrator, and front-end programming. Jenna is a Certified eBay Designer and a member of eBay’s Developer’s Program, and has been designing for the eBay marketplace for over 10 years.

Jenna originally hails from San Francisco, California and admits to a penchant for red wine, dark chocolate, and the smell of fresh-cut lilacs. When she’s not designing websites, she’s probably reorganizing her closets. Again.

Only the Very Best

  • NinjaTemplates eBay Stores and Templates are ALL fully Mobile Responsive to display and function flawlessly on any device or screen size. Our designs also comply with all eBay policies, including Active Content. We don’t offer inferior packages to make our services seem more affordable than they really are.
  • With traditional design firms you might get a good designer or programmer to work on your eBay Designs. Then again, you might not. NinjaTemplates only employs veteran experts in the industry, and every part of your job will ALWAYS be completed by those polished professionals. No exceptions.


  • NinjaTemplates’ prices are the lowest in the industry among serious and professional eBay Designers.
  • Our low prices are the result of our unprecedented efficiency, expert skill, and vast experience. Don’t be fooled by low-price offers by folks outsourcing your project to amateurs.

Turnaround Time

  • NinjaTemplates offers by far the most rapid turnaround in the industry, using only the cleanest and fastest-loading code to create the most professional eBay Stores and Templates.
  • We finish projects in just 1-2 weeks. Compare that to the 2-6 month industry standard at large.
  • Gone are the days of having your job dragged out by outsourcing, excuses and a lack of real eBay Design knowledge. Trust NinjaTemplates to get the job done FAST and CORRECTLY.

Efficiency By Design

  • NinjaTemplates uses the most efficient and straightforward process to design and revise your eBay Store and Template Designs.

Expert Consultation & Professional Advice

  • NinjaTemplates offers expert advice and consultation for all clients, upon request, throughout the entire design process.
  • We write and speak exceptionally-fluent English. You ask us or tell us something, and we understand.
  • We’ll advise you on eBay Plugins that might help you, and never try to sell you any features you won’t benefit from.

Free In-House Hosting

  • NinjaTemplates hosts all design files for its clients on a secured, private web host with 24/7 monitoring and daily automated backups. No setup fees. No monthly charges.
  • Risks of External Hosting:
    • When clients host their own files, security cannot be ensured.
    • Any accidental changes made to client files on their own servers can bring their eBay Stores and Listings down, resulting potential lost sales, and incurring charges for emergency re-installation services.
    • It is far easier to be hacked when scores of people have access to your host server.

Made in America

  • NinjaTemplates consists of only veteran experts in eBay Store Design. We live in the U.S.A.
  • Competitors who advertise “no outsourcing” are intentionally misleading their clients. While they might answer the phone or even occasionally return emails here at home, they all rely heavily on designers and programmers from places where labor is cheap and human rights are nonexistent.
  • NinjaTemplates is vehemently opposed to the “industry standard” of outsourcing aspects of your project to the third world.
  • Our competitive pricing comes from our skill and efficiency, not from destroying jobs in the U.S.A.

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